About me

Mary Takes You Home AKA Take Me Home official is a lifestyle blog that’s a bit unconventional – we cover the lifestyle of a modern farmer in the emerging world.

Who is Marry?

I was born in Nigeria in 1975, my parents were involved in the NGO industry, they met there and lived there for 10 years. I spent my first 6 years on this planet in Nigeria.

Not being able to get the right school for me and my siblings, my parents made the decision to leave Nigeria and move to Kent, a suburb area in London, United Kingdom, where my mums family is located.

Growing up, my father wold always tell me about the stories of farmers that he used to help while in Nigeria. The stories were very dynamic and full of Nigerian civil war horror. Full of hardship they also had some joy and kindness – farmers chose the lifestyle back then and it was something special to them.

I studied international marketing relations and have spent the past 20 years in the industry and as everything after a while, it’s getting to me and it’s time for a change – so I’m currently in the process of changing my career and entering the NGO industry.

Why this blog?

I wish to cover the important stories of African farmers to give them a voice for the world to hear what’s happening and the ways that people can help. It’s a known fact that Africa has a lot of agriculture potential, there’s also a lot of quantitative data but no real life anecdotes on the real situation on the ground in Africa.